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What is Jade?

Jade is highly revered in China, with a cultural significance that dates back thousands of years and a value that was cemented by China’s Qing Dynasty emperors. There are many types of jade in the world and here in Jadeite Atelier, we use only the rarest type known as Jadeite.

The term Jade is a general classification of a gemstone type which breaks down into two main branches known as Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite, being the rarer type of jade comes only from Myanmar. Their two scientific characteristics are shown in the table below.

Each and every piece of jewellery from Jadeite Atelier consists of Jadeite which originates from Myanmar. The Jadeite raw materials are processed and cut at our own in-house workshop to assure for the best quality control.  

It may come to a surprise for those that are not familiar with Jadeite that it actually comes in multi colour and of different shades.

Here at Jadeite Atelier, we would like to offer you the choice of different colours of jade in each design so that you may choose what best suits your personality.