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Jadeite Atelier : Raw burmese jade material


Ever wanted a piece of authentic jade jewelry but couldn't find any suitable in style that you would wear? And even when you did find something interesting, you couldn't be certain whether it was authentic jade or just another piece of artificially coloured glass or plastic. Or perhaps the search ended when all you found were designs in animals, buddhas, or chunky oriental-like shapes.

Well, this is why we started... 


Redesigning jade into modern style fashion 

Jadeite Atelier is a contemporary brand that focuses on redesigning jade into fashionable jewelry wear. While most designs of jade are very conventional with strong oriental flavour, we see an opportunity for jade to be redesigned to modern styles. With each unique color of jade carrying its own different persona, you can mix and match this to accentuate your own personal character over different occasions.


The meaning of jade 

In the world of jewelry, jade is strongly associated in the Oriental culture with deep heritage roots. It is common for an infant to be raised wearing a piece of jade as it is believed to offer peace and protection to the body.

Amongst the Chinese community, purchasing jadeite jewellery often comes with sentimental reasons. Particular shapes and designs have been used in the jadeite jewellery so that when given as a gift, the receiver will also inherit the subtle underlying message behind each piece.


 We use high quality jade of ethical origins

To ensure that our products are controlled at a high quality and of ethical origins, we source our jade in raw form directly through official channels from Myanmar (Burma). Each and every piece of jade that we use is hand cut by ourselves here locally in Hong Kong.


Natural Burmese Jade in Lavender

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