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July 18, 2019 5 min read

Guide for Styling Jade Bracelets


Jadeite Atelier : Green Jade Jewelry
 Green Jade Jewelry by Jadeite Atelier 
Wearing trendy bracelets are always a good choice to bring attention to your arms and complement the outfit your choose for the day. Bracelets come in various sizes and shapes and can be worn for different occasions and moods.
Emily's bracelet style from TheSweetestThing Blog
Emily's bracelet style from TheSweetestThing Blog
To name a few styles; there are bangles and open bangles which are circular and inflexible bracelets which are great for stacking. Cuffs are wide bracelets that features a gap on the wrist. Chain bracelets are metallic and can range from being chunky to dainty. Beaded bracelets are made from various materials in the form of beads linked together, while tennis chain bracelets have a very specific design usually featuring diamonds. Bracelets can also be customisable by adding charms!
But to be truly unique amongst these wide range of bracelets, it is important to select a design that is timeless yet modern and made of special materials that add value to your life. In addition, styling the selected bracelet by following a few tips will definitely amplify the synergy effect of wearing bracelets.
Jadeite Atelier : Green Jade Bracelet
Eternity Green Jade Bracelet by Jadeite Atelier 
A great choice for women of any age or status would be a jade bracelet, as it is approachable and can take form in many trendy designs. These bracelets by Jadeite Atelier not only combine the precious jade stones with chains to create a contemporary look, it is offered in several colors of natural jade.
Jadeite Atelier : Green Jade Bracelets
Green Jade Bracelets by Jadeite Atelier
Emerald green jade bracelet has a noble look, exuding a kind and healing power. The persona behind this jade color is bold and distinctive, yet soothing to the eyes.
Jadeite Atelier : Black Jade Bracelet
Black Jade Bracelets by Jadeite Atelier
The bracelets made with black jade oozes a cool-chic vibe. It can be worn during the day with casual outfits or dressed up for a classy evening look.

Jadeite Atelier : Lavender Jade Bracelet
Lavender Jade Bracelet by Jadeite Atelier
Lavender jade bracelets are loved for its lovely feminine look, especially in combination with the rose gold hardware. Lavender jade is a definite symbol of serenity and contentment!


 Styling Tips

After selecting the bracelet of your choice, here are a few styling tips to follow that will ensure your bracelet game will always be on point!
Try styling bracelets according to:
-- Wrist Size --
-- Your manicure --
-- Matching with your outfit and other jewellery pieces --
-- Following the stacking trends --
Styling bracelets according to your wrist size
There are two rules when it comes to wearing trendy bracelets according to your wrist size.
To achieve a proportional look you need to choose bracelets that match your wrist size. If you don’t want your wrists to look bigger or smaller, wear any type of trendy bracelets, but make sure they are the right size.

Jadeite Atelier : Lavender Jade Ring and Bracelet
Eden Bracelet in Lavender Jade

To achieve a smaller/larger look for your wrists, choose bracelets that have an opposite design to the effect you want to achieve. For example, you could wear a large chunky bracelet to make your wrist look larger and vice versa.
If you have very narrow and bony wrists and want to make them appear larger, stacked bracelets are very good for you. Other trendy bracelets are medium beads, medium cuffs and charm bracelets. Avoid wearing a single thin bangle because the contrast will make your wrists appear even narrower.
Styling Bracelets in Harmony with your Manicure
Many women make the mistake of not matching their trendy bracelets with the manicure type. This doesn’t mean that if you are wearing a red bracelet, your nails also need to be red. This is more about the style than the color of the manicure.
The first rule is that statement bracelets or chunky pieces require a neutral manicure. Your nails shouldn’t be too long, but for the color, you have all the freedom you want. You can wear statement or chunky pieces with medium-length or even short nails and it will look fabulous. On the other hand, with bangles you can have a vibrant manicure and long nails.

Jadeite Atelier : Black Jade Earrings and Bracelet
Terra Black Jade Bracelet

Another rule is that delicate or thin bracelets will look better with longer nails. As opposed to what happens when you match statement pieces with long nails, in this case, your nails will bring out the delicate piece on your wrist.
Last, but not least, consider the bracelet style when choosing a manicure. An elegant French manicure will not look so great with friendship style bracelets, while rock-punk nails will clash with a tennis bracelet. If your nails are elegant, make sure that your wrist reflects that elegance and vice versa.
Styling Bracelets According to your Outfit and Other Jewellery
You can add a delicate thin bracelet to any outfit and it can look gorgeous. But while thin bracelets are more versatile, chunky or statement pieces require extra attention. With this type of trendy bracelets, you can wear statement earrings but forget about chunky necklaces or rings.

Jadeite Atelier : Lavender Jade Bracelet
Eternity Lavender Jade Bracelet
For a contrasting look, combine chunky bracelets with chiffon, summer dresses or lace tops. If you want to achieve a professional, serious look, avoid big cuffs and charm bracelets and go for simple outfits with thin bangles or chain bracelets. To add an extra sparkle to your look and achieve an elegant ensemble, go for gemstone bracelets paired with precious studs and stylish gowns.

Jadeite Atelier : Black Jade Rings and Bracelet
Eternity Black Jade Bracelet
Simple chain bracelets seem to be the most versatile and approachable during any season, suitable to wear when going out or to a business meeting.
When styling your trendy bracelets you have to consider the metals and materials. Gold and gold plated bracelets are great for any skin tone and look fabulous with most of your outfits. Silver bracelets are perfect for a romantic date or a casual meeting.
A Trend to Follow: Stacking Bracelets
If you are a beginner, the best idea is to start simple. You can start with a couple of bracelets in different colors and widths. The common element here is the type of bracelet you use. If you’d rather wear chain bracelets, make this your common theme and make sure they have different colors or designs.
For example, a more sophisticated look that is easy to achieve is to incorporate designs of the same material, like jade. Wearing jade pendant bracelets with jade bangles can be an appropriate look.

Jadeite Atelier : Jade Rings and Bracelet
Eternity Green Jade Bracelet
After you get more comfortable with wearing stacked bracelets, you can try other styles as well. You can go for matching colors or textures and you can even try creative combinations. For example, you can try a leather bracelet with a colorful jade one and a woven bracelet with jade charms. The rule of the thumb is anything goes as long as you are feeling good about yourself.
So which bracelet style is the one for you?

 Find all the beautiful jade bracelet by Jadeite Atelier HERE.
Jadeite Atelier : Jade Bracelets
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