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July 18, 2019 2 min read

Styling Jade Earrings for Everyday Outfits!

Jadeite Atelier : Green Jade Earrings
 Eternity Green Earrings
There is an old time saying that wearing earrings enhance your beauty by three times, and it is the quickest way to completely change your look!
Historically, earrings have been adorned throughout the world regardless of status, gender, or age to present oneself in a beautiful way. Till this day earrings are loved by many, and come in various materials and designs to magnify the style or characteristics of the wearer.
Jadeite Atelier : Black Jade Earrings
Eternity Black Earrings 
Jade earrings in particular have been popular throughout the years and cherished for its luxurious meaning as well as ability to conform into unique designs. Jade itself is known for promoting harmony between the mind, spirit, and body. When it comes to bringing prosperity and abundance in your life, the Jade stone is the ultimate good luck charm.
Find out more about it’s healing properties in our blog post here.
Jadeite Atelier : Lavender Jade Earrings and Necklace
 Terra Lavender Earrings

So what other great way to utilise and carry this precious stone of value but in a form of jewelry?
Jadeite Atelier specialises in natural quality jade jewellery that suits the contemporary lifestyle on modern day women.
We have strayed away from traditional jade designs and instead embraced jade in its simplistic form to create modern style jade jewelry that are radiant in simple-chic formation. Pair your outfits with our selection of natural colors and supporting materials to enhance the beauty of the classic jade stone.

Jadeite Atelier : Lavender Jade Earrings
Aqua Lavender Jade Earrings
Jade earrings by Jadeite Atelier can be worn at any occasion, whether it be a causal brunch date with the girlfriends, or a classy evening event.

Jadeite Atelier : Jade Earrings
Terra Green Jade Earrings

The stud-style earrings by Jadeite Atelier are subtle enough to be worn to work as seen on Cathay Pacific flight attendant Lenni. Follow her IG :)

Jadeite Atelier : Lavender Jade Earrings
Aqua Lavender Jade Earrings
Being timeless, the earrings are also ageless and can be a great gift for loved ones who deserve the extra appreciation.
Jadeite Atelier : Jade Earrings

Make styling jade earrings fun with Jadeite Atelier! 

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