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May 15, 2019 3 min read

Benefits of Wearing Jade Jewelry


Jadeite Atelier: modern style jade jewelry
Gemstone jewelry have been renowned for centuries amongst the world.
But other than the beauty it emits, what are the benefits of wearing these pieces? 
Jewelry made of jade are especially sought after for its amazing healing properties that it offers for the wearer as the meaning behind jade is strongly base in healing.
Jade meaning is based in an ability to gather tranquil wisdom while discarding negativity and seeing one's true self.
Starting with spiritual healing!


Green, lavender and black jade necklace in modern minimal style
In the spiritual realm, the healing properties of jade supports happiness and harmony in relationships, family, and work. It is said to promote abundance in material while also encouraging a relaxed state of being.
Jade is also connected with nobility and its ideals. Wearing jade gemstone provides protection from deceitful or harmful entities in spirit work, while promoting magic with the best of intentions.
Lavender jade is especially well suited for spiritual healing with its nourishing properties.


Green jade healing properties, in keeping with green jade meaning, facilitate an abundance of divine energy flowing into one's life. Green jade stone benefits foster a desire to slow down and smell the flowers, be near loved ones and share the love.
Jade meaning in divination states that by acting unselfishly now you are storing goodwill for yourself in the future. Any personal inconvenience will almost immediately be more than compensated for.
Next is physical healing.


black jade ring in modern minimal style
The healing properties of jade also support physical healing throughout the body.
Jadeite, the more rare and expensive type of jade, has a slightly different meaning than the more common nephrite jade. Jadeite jade meaning has to do with health, longevity and love.
Wearing, holding and meditating with jadeite jade improves health problems that stem from illness or accidents.
Jade also helps people live longer.
Jadeite is reputed to open one's heart to love when worn in jewelry.
Jade stone benefits extend throughout the renal system, helping the body to expel stones in the kidneys and spleen and recover afterwards. Kidney and bladder infections including cystitis are helped by jade.
Maybe that is why the Mesoamericans referred to jade as the “spleen-stone” in regards to its special healing abilities for maladies of the spleen.


Jade properties target rebuilding and healing of the skeletal system and tissues, in keeping with renewal in jade meaning. Pain associated with the healing process can be reduced and better managed with the use of jade. Imperial jade can be especially beneficial after any reconstructive or plastic surgery to correct disfiguring from injury or illness.
Lastly, jade for emotional healing.
The healing properties of jade are very useful for emotional healing.
The soothing energy from jade relieves irritability while helping to eliminate negativity which supports jade meaning. The personality is stabilized through integration of body and mind. The resulting stimulation of ideas facilitates the simplification and completion of tasks.
In keeping with jade stone meaning, dreams are made more productive and useful with jade. Dreams are more insightful and remembered more easily and clearly with the use of jade.


Jade stone benefits reduce self-imposed limitations. This jade healing property results in an enhanced ability to embrace personal ambitions, ideals and desires in order to facilitate their realization. Jade benefits boost confidence while encouraging greater self-sufficiency.
Dysfunctional relationships are improved with the use of imperial jade in keeping with jade meaning. Dignity can be restored to people who have been mocked for their appearance. Their self-loathing is reduced and the courage to seek treatment is bolstered by jade.
It is known that black, purple and red jade are especially helpful in emotional healing.
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This post was written in regards to widely believed properties of jade as a suggested guide. Jadeite Atelier does not take any responsibility or should be accredited for the practice of using jade upon own will. Information provided in this post is credited to The Healing Chest