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May 15, 2019 2 min read

Which Jade Jewellery should I choose?

Jade jewellery has been around for centuries and has evolved in many ways. It may be overwhelming to select a jewellery piece that reflects upon your own style while being true to the special material it is made from.
Don’t fret just yet! Choose the perfect jade jewellery for you through these following inspirations!




Theresa Bangle by Trace

The Classic Bangle

You can never go wrong with the classic bangle design to show off your love for jade.

Whether it be on the chunkier side or a little more slimmer, a bangle can truly show the jade material all around. The bangle design, being timeless, will soon become your favourite piece of jewellery to wear everywhere!


Paris Nouvelle Vague Black Jade Ring by Cartier

A Regal Look

Do you have a special occasion coming up? This will be the perfect time to dress up your attire by adding a special piece of jade jewellery. Look for a statement piece that will amplify your evening with the glitz and glam.



Eternity Collection by Jadeite Atelier 

Jade Everyday

If you want to wear jade everyday, especially to enjoy its healing powers, try choosing a design that is simple and suitable to match your daily routine like a ring or stud earrings. The simplicity will never grow old while still emitting brightness into your life.


Black Jade Collection by Jadeite Atelier

Modern Design

To enjoy a fresh take on jade jewelry, look for contemporary designs. Jade jewellery doesn’t always have to be heavy or represent obvious oriental carvings. With a new look, jade jewellery can be worn in any situation whether it be a casual brunch out with the girls, or to work.

Now that you have learn a little about the different styles of jade jewelry, move on to find out about the different colors of that are available. Click here to read more~