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July 18, 2019 2 min read

The Colors of Jade Rings

Feeling a bit bored with your style?
Looking for a way to change your mood without any drastic changes?
Jadeite Atelier : Green Jade Rings
Green Jade Rings by Jadeite Atelier  
Rings are a great way to add a bit of bling to your everyday outfit, and being easily interchangeable the choices are endless!
Instead of simple rings that can easily become mundane, try these modern jade rings from Jadeite Atelier to spice up your glam game.
Jadeite Atelier : Jade Rings

Rings from Jadeite Atelier are made from natural jade sourced from Myanmar (Burma), and handcrafted in Hong Kong to be transformed into an affordable luxury.

The designs are simplistically luxurious, truly reflecting upon the contemporary lifestyle of modern women and their desires.


Jadeite Atelier : Jade Rings
Black Jade Ring by Jadeite Atelier 

The rings are available in several colors of jade: emerald green, black, lavender, and with more options to come, so stay tuned!
Each different color of jade adds a unique touch of personality to the designs.
  Jadeite Atelier : Green Jade Ring
Eternity Green Jade Ring 
Empowering Green -- The Empress Jade
First, emerald green jade is considered The Empress Jade, a true symbol of nobility. It's unique green color is unrivalled by any other naturally formed green gem found on Earth to this date.
Although regal and commanding by nature, the emerald green also exudes a kind and healing aura. The persona behind this jade color is bold and distinctive, yet soothing to the eyes. Just like the ancestral roots, the jadeite emerald green is exquisite, dignities and effortlessly refined.
Jadeite Atelier : Lavender Jade Ring
 Terra Lavender Jade Ring 
Dainty Lavender -- The Duchess Jade
Lavender Jade, The Duchess Jade, is a more gentle soul. Characterised by a soft, feminine shade, it is harmonious and seeks to cultivate inner peace. Lavender jade has always held a sacred place in nature, and as it blooms, it transforms to be more graceful and precious. It is a definite symbol of serenity and contentment!
Jadeite Atelier : Black Jade Rings
 Black Jade Rings
Mystic Black -- The Monarch Jade
The Monarch Jade, is the black jade, a secret rebel. Through cool and collected on the surface, it hides a wild card up the sleeve. One moment it can beam into your daily wardrobe—the next, it becomes a daring accent piece. The shade is associated with both mystery and prestige. Withstanding the test of time, black jade emanates poise, elegance, and individuality.
Jadeite Atelier : Jade Rings

So which color would you choose to be the ring that brings out your true uniqueness?

Styling jade rings have become so much easier and fun with Jadeite Atelier, find all the rings to shop HERE.

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